Haus Bergfriede

Family Scherl

Haus Bergfriede 6574 Pettneu, Schnann 21

Experience real Tyrolean hospitality with the Scherl family.
In the house Bergfriede. From generation to generation.
The old woodwork could tell a lot. Curiosity aroused?

Organic farming. Think sustainable.
Living in harmony with nature. Take responsibility for the descendants.

Discover the power of herbs.
Allow yourself to be abducted by the herbalist into the mysterious world of herbs.

A relaxing walk along the Rosanna?
Here we go! Amazing, how quickly peace returns. The river shows us the direction and sets the rhythm.
Deceleration pure.

In search of traces. Find yourself
Pause. Relax. Let go.
Balanced to return to everyday life.

We look forward to you!
Family Scherl